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About Us

Our team skillfully navigates complex logistics, guaranteeing a seamless event from beginning to end.

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Why You Should
Choose Us

At SMS, we excel in transforming complex event challenges into seamless solutions. Our team effortlessly navigates intricate logistics, ensuring a smooth event from start to finish. Trust SMS to deliver targeted, efficient results tailored to your unique needs, whether it involves heavy machinery, overhead rigging, or event technology.

We understand that exhibitors are the heart of any event. Our dedicated Exhibit Success Managers offer personalized support throughout the entire process,

acting as an extension of the exhibitor's logistics planning and event management.


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Why Our Customers
Choose Us.

Industry Expertise.

SMS utilizes its vast industry knowledge to

create tailored milestones and production schedules,

ensuring the best outcomes for exhibitors and events.             


On-site Monitoring.

Our dedicated on-site team diligently oversees

move-in, move-out, and other crucial tasks,

guaranteeing a seamless experience for all participants.                                                

Budget and Logistics Management.

SMS excels in managing budgets and logistics,

allowing exhibitors to flourish and achieve their goals.

Meticulous Oversight.

 With our detail-oriented on-site management,

customers can concentrate on crafting an unforgettable

event experience, knowing that every aspect is taken care of.

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